Mrs. Murphy has worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for over a decade. Over the years she has won several awards and nominations for her work, both in Sweden and abroad. The latest was The Swedish Publishing Prize for the new Bible, and one of the first was an MTV nomination for a music video for Franz Ferdinand. The love at a young age of Toulouse Lau Treces posters for the Moulin Rouge is what led her to want to work with design and he is still today her household god which she turns to for inspiration and a glass of absinthe. And not surprisingly, posters are her favorite assignments.

Mrs. Murphy’s first wallpaper, Sign your name across my heart, was acquired at the Nordic Museum’s permanent collection of wallpaper to be preserved for eternaty even before it was launched. Later on three other wallpapers followed the same way.
        For five years Mrs. Murphy produced eight collections under her own label, both for interior and clothing. Often inspired from her Dalicalian heritage but also mixed with tattoos and Pin-Ups. They moved a lot of attention and sold worldwide from the USA to Japan. The collections are not in production any more but can be produced for specific purposes.